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George Penzenik CTO G3 Angency

George penzenik

Chief Technology Officer

I am a coach, mentor and pacesetter. The key to my success is the ability to connect with people and motivate them to take their performance to the next level. I build high performance interdisciplinary teams focused on delivering software solutions that are accurate, performant, scalable and delivered in an outstanding user experience.

I am a local community activist, having served as an elected commissioner of Lewis County Water Sewer District 6 and as the Fire Chief of Lewis County Fire & Rescue District 8.

My philanthropic endeavors include building, supporting and hosting websites for local non-profit organizations and mentoring local youth technology groups.

nick mccallion

Chief marketing officer

The G3.agency mission is “Bringing more business to small business.”  I live that every day for my clients.  Whether small business owners, national brands, non-profits, start-ups, or anywhere in between.  As a software sales veteran for over 30 years, my corporate dossier includes companies such as Oracle – 40B+ 2021 Sales and Compuware.  I always deliver a successful harmony of technology and business experience in the digital world.

The world of marketing, regardless of form, has always intrigued me.  And by the time the iconic Mad Men television series came out, I was finally starting to capitalize on my Journalism minor with daily journal entries.  Most of these were geared at creating retro-looking, shake-your-hand-in-person feeling campaigns using our unstoppable G3.agency technology.  So this is my culmination of over 20 years of being self-employed:  a wonderful digital-world hybrid combining sales, technology, and marketing while giving back to as many businesses as possible.

My philanthropic endeavors include pro-bono campaigns with non-profits to increase their brand awareness and drive income.  I also very much enjoy bringing awareness to deserving social media artists.

The term “pro bono,” which is short for pro bono publico, is a Latin term that means “for the public good.”

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