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The year 2020 has brought us into a new age for the entire world.  COVID-19 has forced many traditional brick and mortar businesses to rethink and rebuild their entire business model completely.  Some have been successful, others are struggling, and unfortunately, we have seen many failures.  The key to winning in business today is to have a comprehensive plan for moving to a virtual version for some or all of your business activities. 

Unfortunately for many companies today, digital marketing and an online presence have either not been a top priority or, for some, executed poorly. Especially for small to mid-sized businesses, there is usually no one dedicated to building and maintaining Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, or creating content for a YouTube channel.  If you find yourself in a position like that or are struggling with creating a virtual version of your company, we hope that the information in our blog will be of help to you.

The founding partners of have been at the forefront of digital marketing automation since 1997.  We are focused on helping small to mid-size businesses level the playing field to compete and win more deals when the competition is a significantly larger business.

We hope you enjoy reading our blogs and wish that this information helps you become more sussecful.  If you would like to receive a FREE marketing analysis of your business contact us today.

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